Ceviche Pisqu Masterclasses
22nd June 2017

Pisqu Sour Cocktail Classes

  • Instructed by our head barman, at our masterclasses you’ll learn how to make both our Pisqu Sour Clasico and Chicha Pisqu. Step by step learn our preparation techniques in a fun environment.
    You can the treat yourself to your own creation.
    Great opportunity to make friends. be part of a group or bring one along.
  • This masterclass is held the 2nd Saturday of every month at 4pm or at an agreed date/time that you may request.
  • To book or make an enquiry, please email us at info@pisqulondon.com
Pisqu London
Pisqu London
Sophisticated Peruvian gastronomy and Cocktail Bar with Private Vaults, Central London