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Fillet al Jugo

Welcome to PISQU

PISQU is the first of its kind in London offering a gastronomic experience from the diverse Peruvian regions and modern day Lima.

Our name signifies vibrant and echoes the eponymous birthplace of Peru’s national drink -the “Pisco sour”.

Located in the heart of London’s West End. Contemporary yet relaxed two-floor space inviting guests to enjoy the healthy, natural and flavourful cuisine of head chef William Ortiz.

Sit along an L-shaped ground floor with full-height windows. For a more intimate setting, head to the Lower Lounge where you can also find two Vaults for a more private dining experience.

You can now enjoy our dishes in the comfort of your home.

Pisqu also promotes Peruvian culture supporting social projects where it is proud to be a partner most recently to Kusi Kawsay ecological school.


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Evening Standard

London's best sweetcorn dishes: ``Peru has come to Fitzrovia and the result is a delicious riot of colour``

Evening Standard


The key of PISQU cooking is the use of quality, healthy and superfoods, sourced from the Amazon and Andes. Head Chef William Ortiz has masterclasses to the impressive list of offerings.



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What’s on at Pisqu London

Masterclasses available now
Additional Masterclasses coming soon.
2nd Saturday of every month at 4pm

Ceviche Pisqu Masterclasses

  • Instructed by Head Chef William Ortiz, at our masterclasses you’ll learn how to make our signature Ceviche Pisqu. Step by step learn our recipes in a fun environment.
Courses, Peruvian
Ceviche, Courses
2nd Saturday of every month at 4pm

Pisco Sour Cocktails Masterclasses

  • Instructed by our head barman Carlos, El Jefe, at our masterclasses you’ll learn how to make both our Pisqu Sour Clasico and Chicha Pisqu. Step by step learn our preparation techniques in a fun environment.
Cocktails, Courses, Peruvian
Courses, Pisco Sour Cocktails
Masterclasses available now

We are back bringing Pisqu to your home!


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